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Is your SAP®

ship in a secure state?

agileSI™ – The captain's way to keep an
eye on SAP®

SAP® is the backbone of your business. You are well aware of that. The problem is: you really need to know what’s going on in there. Is your system compliant with legal requirements and regulations? In spite of having regular status updates with your security team and SAP® staff, you would still appreciate more transparency and very likely more efficiency and speed. Pushing for more security updates and meetings and status reports is tricky: you want your crew to work productively and focussed, not preparing reports.

Your SAP® security is an absolute must. SAP® is the greatest collection of vital business data there is. If anything needs the strongest safeguarding available it is SAP®.

How can you discover compliance violations, data breaches (internally and externally) within hundreds of systems and millions of data records before your auditors do, and how can you protect your most critical and valuable applications while reducing efforts?

With agileSI™ you are just a few clicks away, contact us at


agileSI™ protect your data

  • 360° SAP® Security Monitoring to detect espionage, sabotage, fraud & insider threats
  • Enable your SOC team to watch over SAP®

agileSI™ gives you insight

  • Flexible dashboards for easy management & reporting
  • Continuous, automated realtime monitoring of relevant facts & figures
  • Automate your SAP® security monitoring instead of paying for hours of manual work

agileSI™maintain your compliance

  • Ensure compliance with guidelines such as DSAG built in
  • Automated creation of compliance reports within minutes
  • Stay audit ready at all times with automated & continuous checks
  • Stick to audit guidelines and SAP® security recommendations
  • Discover compliance violations within hundreds of systems before auditors do

agileSI™ saves time & resources

  • Easy & fast implementation
  • Reduced efforts due to automated reporting
  • Next to no additional manpower required due to periodic self-monitoring without any external triggering required
  • Perfect scaling abilities – same monitoring efforts for one or one-hundred SAP® systems - monitor whole SAP® system landscapes in one dashboard are in the scope to smooth integration with current SIEM solutions
  • Sophisticated security monitoring of SAP® with a one-for-all tool
  • In case you just want to get rid of all SAP® troubles: check out our managed service options – get all the benefits while unburdening your crew for a predictable monthly fee.

Compliance & Security status

with several dashboards for drilldown in regard to the various compliance or security topics and incidents, the agileSI™ central dashboards provide a system management overview on the Compliance and Security status within the entire SAP® system landscape.


Central Dashboard

The central Dashboard provides at-a-glance overview on Compliance and Security-related incidents, as well as dedicated account activity and monitoring and system health information.

“agileSI™ closes the gap between IT Security and SAP®. Big data analysis such as attack/fraud detection, security audits or security compliance – with agileSI™, this is an easy task inside a SIEM solution, within a few seconds.”

Customer representative

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