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Is your SAP®

ship in a secure state?

agileSI™ – The captain's way to keep an
eye on SAP®

SAP® is the backbone of your business. You are well aware of that. The problem is: you really need to know what’s going on in there. Is your system compliant with legal requirements and regulations? In spite of having a once per year auditing report, or perhaps periodic status updates with your security team and SAP® staff, you still need more transparency and very likely more efficiency and speed. Pushing for more security updates and meetings and status reports is tricky: you want your crew to work productively and focussed, not preparing reports, doing manual spotchecks, sifting through logs like crazy.

Your SAP® security is an absolute must. SAP® is the greatest collection of vital business data there is. If anything needs the strongest safeguarding available it is SAP®.

With agileSI™ you will discover in REAL TIME compliance violations, policy non-conformities, you will save time on your auditing process, you will discover data breaches (internally and externally) within hundreds of systems and millions of data records before your auditors do.

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- YES, we do integrate into the world leading SIEM providers                    

- YES, we do deliver rich content on top of our technology and algorythms          

- YES, we have subscription models (software as a service)?                  

- YES, we deliver the entire security experience as a service in our Cyber Defense Centers

- YES, if you already have your own SOC we can work on a hybrid model

- YES, if you just want the technology, you also knocked on the right door                   


agileSI™ protect your data

  • 360° SAP® Security Monitoring to detect espionage, sabotage, fraud & insider threats
  • Enable your SOC team to watch over SAP®
  • or alternatavily, use our SOC / CDC if you want to outtask

agileSI™ gives you insight

  • Flexible dashboards for easy management & reporting
  • Continuous, automated realtime monitoring of relevant facts & figures
  • Automate your SAP® security monitoring instead of paying for hours of manual work

agileSI™maintain your compliance

  • Ensure compliance with guidelines such as DSAG built in
  • Automated creation of compliance reports within minutes
  • Stay audit ready at all times with automated & continuous checks
  • Stick to audit guidelines and SAP® security recommendations
  • Discover compliance violations within hundreds of systems before auditors do

agileSI™ saves time & resources

  • Easy & fast implementation
  • Reduced efforts due to automated reporting
  • Next to no additional manpower required due to periodic self-monitoring without any external triggering required
  • Perfect scaling abilities – same monitoring efforts for one or one-hundred SAP® systems - monitor whole SAP® system landscapes in one dashboard are in the scope to smooth integration with current SIEM solutions
  • Sophisticated security monitoring of SAP® with a one-for-all tool
  • In case you just want to get rid of all SAP® troubles: check out our managed service options – get all the benefits while unburdening your crew for a predictable monthly fee.

Compliance & Security status

with several dashboards for drilldown in regard to the various compliance or security topics and incidents, the agileSI™ central dashboards provide a system management overview on the Compliance and Security status within the entire SAP® system landscape.


Central Dashboard

The central Dashboard provides at-a-glance overview on Compliance and Security-related incidents, as well as dedicated account activity and monitoring and system health information.

“agileSI™ closes the gap between IT Security and SAP®. Big data analysis such as attack/fraud detection, security audits or security compliance – with agileSI™, this is an easy task inside a SIEM solution, within a few seconds.”

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