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75% of the small-mid sized business isn't the least bit concerned about cyber attacks

By Hendrik Jansen  - October 15, 2018

Cybercriminals have tried to penetrate (manipulate data or steal data) with 53% of the smalle and midsized companies, according to a research from Alert Online.

The numbers for mid to large size companies are likely higher simply because they are more attractive targets and a larger attack surface. Even though the threats are increasing, the awareness and concern around cybersecurity are not increasing according to studies from the Dutch government (also consistent with business surveys).

That these businesses are fairly unconcerned is dangerous, warns Dutch minister of the Department of Justice and Safety - Ferd Grapperhaus. An additional 1,2 million euro for training and education on the cyber risks for middle and small business are allocated.


"more and more business operate completely digital; orders and payments online, company processes are dictated by computers (ERP, CRM, HRM, Financials - cloud and on-premise). That offers economic chances, but also impacts security", says Grapperhaus.

"1 employee is all it takes, click on a wrong link, don't check the email address, leave the PC unlocked, surf on unprotected WIFI points and your business could be seriously compromised or brought down". The consequences can be enormous, financial damages, loss of data and intellectual property and a big dent in your market reputation.

Companies are advised to make frequent back-ups (yes they still exist who don't), install regular updates (yes, it is pain in the neck), implement good firewalls and/or anti-virus software, implement stronger password policies, train your personnel.

Consider a make or buy (or hybrid model) when it comes to better securing your business. When it comes to SAP® security (where all your critical and interesting data is) read more about it on

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