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agileSI™ lands in Switzerland

By Philip Schöttl  -  July 31, 2018

Two weeks ago, our consultant David visited one of our customers in Switzerland. The renowned company, which is active in the manufacturing industry, initially required an agileSI™ software upgrade.

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By Hendrik Jansen  -  June 18, 2018

The US Treasury issued an Executive Order to prohibit US organizations from engaging with ERPScan, a subsidiary of Digital Security and provider of security software and services for SAP® systems. According to the press release issued by the Treasury, Digital Security “provided material and technological support to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB)”. ERPScan has denied any link with the FSB in an official statement.

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Concentrated innovation power for your IT security: agileSI™ cooperates with ISSE of the University of Augsburg.

By Philip Schöttl  -  June 7, 2018

The IT security galaxy is a space of continuous change. If you don't think about tomorrow's security, you are already exposed today to numerous external dangers without protection. Strong alliances are needed to continue to secure one's existence.

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LogRhythm: The new shining star in the agileSI™ galaxy.

By Christoph Aschauer  -  May 3, 2018

The agileSI™forces are continuously working to extend the federation for SAP® compliance and security monitoring. A newly found alliance in the galaxy of agileSI™ is now joining forces to protect the SAP® (star) system. agileSI™ has found the integration of SAP® in LogRhythm SIEM.

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GDPR countdown – what you need to know about the changes in data protection laws

By Stefka Stoyanova  -  April 12, 2018

The two years transition period is almost over and after the 25th of May companies in Europe need to comply with the new data regulation. We visited the annual DSAG Developers Days in February and made an unsettling discovery – many companies using SAP® are still not ready and might not achieve GDPR-compliancy by the time of the enforcement.

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agileSI joins SecureLink Security BootCamp R'Dam

By Hendrik Jansen  -  March 16, 2018

Cyber Security is gaining visibility and attention all over the world, in almost every newspaper, article or news-site you can read about D-DOS attacks, vulnerabilities, exploits, ransomware, and crypto jacking. No wonder that the Security BootCamp in Rotterdam attracted more than a 1,000 professionals in the Cyber or IT or OT security domain.

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ABAP™SQL Injection – How to protect your Code right?

By Sükrü Birakoglu  -  January 30, 2018

As mentioned in the blog post "The most important five ABAP™Programming Security Pitfalls", SQL injection is one of the most common code injection attack methods, in which malicious SQL statements are inserted to execute unauthorized SQL statements in the database, e.g., read data or modify data in the database. 

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The most important five ABAP™Programming Security Pitfalls

By Sükrü Birakoglu  -  January 22, 2018

The security of your ABAP™ applications begins in the minds of your developers and testers and is a central topic for IT security. In this blog article, we're discussing the most important ABAP™ programming security pitfalls. The ABAP™ Custom code can have vulnerabilities, allowing the attacker access the critical information in SAP® System and take control of productive SAP Systems. The five most typical ABAP™ Custom Code Vulnerabilities are:

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We wish you a cosmic christmas

By Oliver Kirschnek  -  December 19, 2017

It has been a year of travelling at hyper-speed. But now it's time for a short stopover to give our engines and crew some well deserved rest and dispense some credits before we travel on. So we would like to thank our customers and partners for the inspirational suggestions and the trust in our knowledge, our experience, and our staff! Your support is the force that powers us, so we decided to send our faithful customers some unique Christmas gifts. But let's start at the beginning of the story. Early this year we decided to rebrand our website ( and to overthink the whole look and feel of our brand agileSI™ . Long story short - a new idea was born: "Houston we have full control!" What makes your enterprise run is the ERP. It’s the core system of your sales, accounting, inventory control, R&D, HR, and management. And odds are it’s based on SAP®. But is it secure? agileSI™ is the bridging technology between your SAP System and your SIEM solution. It gives you what you most need for defending SAP®, both from outside attacks and inside corruption: transparency. So in May 2017, we launched a new branding approach. And to match the new look and feel, we decided to take our dear customers on a trip with their own little spaceship as Christmas gift this year. To give you personal rocket inspiration, we have packed up a spaceship with shooting capability to defend you against various attacks! But there is more to this. You have challenged us all year with requests and suggestions, enabling us to constantly make our product even better and better. To express our gratitude we hereby challenge you! We came up with an idea to give you the opportunity to secure an exceptional Christmas gift prize. (Hint: It made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!) Our challenge: Use our gift! Take a snap of the spaceship in a cool situation and load it up on your social media account with the hashtag „#agilesirockets“ or send it directly to us ( It doesn‘t matter if you challenge your colleagues and organize a long-range shooting in your office or if you take an original selfie: The most creative picture of our spaceships in action will win our special prize. Let your inspiration take flight!

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Success Story: Production of luxury items / Switzerland

By Oliver Kirschnek  -  October 20, 2017

The customer is employed in the field of luxury goods production and works with valuable materials. The merchandise management and production is supported by SAP® technology. Due to the value of the products and the materials used, special safeguards specifically tailored to the task are necessary for production. Various processes have been defined and integrated into SAP® via applications. The entire process can be completely monitored in this way. These customer-specific applications produce large quantities of SAP® data, which should be used for the monitoring and quality assurance of the production process. It had to be guaranteed that this data could be analysed in real time to enable fast response times and effective, automated monitoring.

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