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6 ways you can benefit from SAP® log monitoring

By Hendrik Jansen  - January 23, 2019

The website always publish good content so we have taken some of their inputs.

Systems, Devices, Applications, Interfaces, Databases are inside your network log data 24/7/365. Simply allowing logs to take up disk space, reviewing them only after something has happened and deleting logs when you run low on disk space. These are strategies of an admin doomed to always being in firefighting mode, reacting to bad things when they happen. Never activating these logfiles in the first place to save disk space (at roughly $0,03) is really not an argument anymore (it might have been in 1983 when a Gig of storage was $500.000). The only argument in such a case is perhaps to talk about something else .... with HR.
Proactive and managed log management can help an admin get into the driver seat, adding value to the security of the company, increasing the value of the company actually.
You know that event log monitoring is important, since all your systems and key applications log data. But no two systems log to the same place, let alone in the same format. It’s almost impossible to get ahead of the logging and actually pay attention to what is being logged.

That’s where event log monitoring comes into play. Here’s why:

  1. Activate your logs (all of them) and aggregate them in a central location!

    With logs spread across dozens or even hundreds of systems, there’s no way you can manage them where they are. Log monitoring applications like agileSI can gather up all your logs in a central location, making it easy to collect, configure, analyze, store, and manage.
  2. Feed these logs into a SIEM and perform security checks!

    Regular security reviews are great, but they are reviews. They can only catch things that have already happened. Event log monitoring with Security Information and Events Monitoring (SIEM) can detect issues in real time, allowing you to respond much quicker (in real time) when bad things happen. And if you have the right SIEM you are even able to see threats coming before they do the damage. This is where the real time based agileSIdetection scenarios come into play.
  3. Work with multiple formats!

    One of the biggest challenges with manually parsing logs is the number of different formats that are out there, from syslog to SNMP traps, to IIS W3C logs and Windows events. Event log monitoring can deal with all of these and more, so you can focus on what happened, and let the app worry about in what format it was recorded. agileSI structures the logs in the right format so they become compatible.

  4. Perform searches across logs!

    With multiple systems involved, if you cannot search across logs, you cannot tie events together. Event log monitoring can search across all your logs to find what is happening across multiple systems. agileSI adds great forensic tools and searches to correlate in real time.
  5. Correlate events!

    Event correlation is impossible manually, but is easy for event log monitoring applications to handle, connecting the dots between all these SAP® log files (syslog, SAL, ICM and many more) as well as the bigger picture with for example firewall logs, domain controllers, connection logs on VPN concentrators, file access logs on servers, etc. The agileSI SAP® security and log expertise combined with SecureLink's deep know-how becomes a force to be reckoned with.
    Screenshot of Enterprise Threat Monitor
  6. Meet compliance requirements!

    With so many regulations requiring not only that you log, but that you review and respond to events in logs, event log monitoring applications can automate the tasks that will help you to meet your compliance requirements. It’s a very economical way to ensure you don’t have an exception in your audit report. If you could limit this specific SAP® auditing time (and thus the bill) in half .... would you be interested in finding out how?


Talk to us about the possibilities of turning your SAP® log data into VALUABLE INFORMATION.

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