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What CFO's can do against CyberCrime

By Hendrik Jansen  - October 29, 2018

“Twenty percent of CFOs know their firms have been hacked.

There are many more who don’t even know their company’s systems have been breached, is the only logical conclusion. Ten years ago, cybersecurity was not a C-suite responsibility. Now it is. Companies are defending themselves from near-continuous denial of service attacks and critical data breaches. Fight this battle costs money, which falls right off the bottom line. The cost is not just equipment, software and consultants; it is also reputation if you are breached.

Most companies are actively taking steps to reduce (data) security risks. Seventy-one percent have installed new software or introduced new procedures, 71 percent have introduced anti-penetration features like two-factor authentication or more stringent password protection, 54 percent have upgraded employee training, and nearly half have hired outside cybersecurity experts, among other measures.

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