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All systems operational!

Keeping everything under control is a
full time job

And you are proud to state that. Because “all systems” is a vast, complex landscape of SAP® applications, databases, plugins and users. Keeping everything under control is a full time job. And a real hassle at times.

Given that scale of complexity implies loads of attack vectors as well. This goes far beyond just keeping track of segregation of duties and the SAP® Security Audit Log. Time is really running scarce, if one has to deal with audits and reporting additionally, let alone keeping an eye on a load of critical values, basically all the time. Security is essentially important, and should be widely automated, while you focus on your real job: managing SAP® to run smoothly.

Your reinforcements have arrived: agileSI™!

agileSI™ is much more than just another tool or SAP® plugin. It brings with it a whole new way to manage and monitor SAP® in all of its aspects, while taking care of security. Continuously monitoring basically any stats you desire, it’s a one-for-all solution to give you insight into what’s going on in your engine room, without digging through tons of data and interfaces yourself. And it makes audit preparation and reporting a breeze.

  • A centralized overview of your entire SAP® landscape via SIEM
  • This includes all extensions: monitor ABAP, HANA & JAVA as you need
  • Continuous, real time monitoring of practically any data you want
  • Customizable dashboards to give you the info you need – and to make reporting to executives almost obsolete, as predefined dashboards for the c-level are included as well
  • Conduct automated audits within minutes, as easy as pushing a button
  • DSAG-compliant (implemented DSAG audit guidelines)
  • You want to get all the security, monitoring and insight but just lack the time to get it up and running? No problem there – you can get all the good of agileSI™ as a managed service too!

Ad-hoc reporting

agileSI™ provides a reporting which integrates many of the checks defined in the DSAG audit guideline. The solution delivers results out of the box but is highly customizable to allow adoption to special requirements and customers´security policies.


agileSI™ configuration frontend

Ready-to-use with a predefined set of use cases – the agileSI™ configuration frontend is developed in Web Dynpro ABAP. The key benefit is the powerful and ready-to-use content of predefined uses cases, that makes agileSI™ a real product, rather than a tool only with high customer site implementation and customization effort. The use cases can be maintained, customized or created newly using the agileSI™ configuration frontend.

“agileSI™ closes the gap between IT Security and SAP®. Big data analysis such as attack/fraud detection, security audits or security compliance – with agileSI™, this is an easy task inside a SIEM solution, within a few seconds.”

Customer representative

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