Eissmann Automotive Deutschland GmbH

German quality for a leading car manufacturer

The Eissmann Group Automotive, located in Bad Urach, Germany, is a dedicated partner for the international automotive industry. They supply high-quality control panels, fairings and entire car cabins for the entire automotive branch. Established in 1964, Eissmann operates 13 production plants. With more than 5.000 employees they generated a revenue of 463 million Euro in 2016.

Eissmann Group Automotive uses a central IT department for tasks regarding development, production, administration and management. The company is certified with the internationally established standard ISO/IEC 27001. Security is highly prioritized, especially in the areas of R&D, production, human resources and accounting. Several professional security solutions are actively in use. To handle this complexity it was decided to establish a Security Information and EventManagement System (SIEM).


Precise and pragmatic standards for the solution

Requirements were clearly defined and presented to numerous competitors. Especially important was the ability to integrate the future solution easily into the existing IT infrastructure. The following infrastructure components were defined as data sources:

  • MS Windows (Domain Controller, AD/DNS, Server, etc.)
  • Security Appliances for Firewalls, proxy and mail relay, router and switches (for WLAN)
  • Linux server
  • separate sensors
  • SAP®-system.

On top, the new solution was to be easy to use after a short training period in order to keep staff utilization low.

Key facts

Branch: Automotive

client: Eissmann Automotive

  • Setup of LogPoint hardware-appliance by iT-CUBE
  • iT-CUBE implemented LogPoint V5.2.x
  • log sources like Firewalls, Cisco- Windows- and Linux-Servers, WLAN-Controllers and Access Points were connected
  • The SAP®-environment was thoroughly connected via agileSI™
“iT-CUBE established a SIEM-solution inclusive a SAP® security monitoring with agileSI™, which was easily implemented and adjusted as standard software. This relieved our staff remarkably as no special project team was required. Thus the project could simply be carried out alongside normal operations.”

Alexander Maute

Manager for IT Infrastructure at Essmann

Entire integration of the SIEM with help of iT-CUBE

After successfully completing the evaluation iT-CUBE started the project for Eissmann in collaboration with LogPoint in June 2014. The task was to implement a LogPoint hardware appliance featuring LogPoint 5.2.x as SIEM as well as the LogPoint Threat Intelligence Service. More than 100 additional log sources were integrated, which included firewalls, intrusion protection systems, security appliances and the existing Radius-, Microsoft-, and Linux-servers as well as the access points for WLAN.

agileSI™ extended was used to connect the SAP®-environment to LogPoint. iT-CUBE delivered the pre-configured hardware, and integrated it into the IT infrastructure of Eissmann. Additionally use cases for SAP® were developed and the agileSI™ extended content package was deployed into LogPoint for in-depth SAP® monitoring.

The right solutions – the right partner

Following the implementation the Eissmann staff was trained and iT-CUBE offered additional support with questions of any kind. The solution was up and running including the link to SAP® in September 2014.

Through the implementation of an extended automated surveillance using agileSI™ the workload of SAP®-operations for the IT security department was significantly reduced.

Additionally the department now profits from powerful tools for troubleshooting, root-cause-analysis and forensic tracing in the SIEM. An automated and continuous reporting of the security status is now available offering increased transparency.

Eissmann reckons that the effort for troubleshooting has been decreased by 95% because relevant data is now centrally available. Through the ongoing integration of new data sources the scope of the solution extends continuously – and more and more departments benefit from LogPoint.

Alexander Maute, Manager of the IT infrastructure at Eissmann, was impressed by the straightforwardness of the project implementation. He testifies a high level of benefit and a low level of effort for the implemented solution.


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