Newsflash: +++ Hackers Stole Over 6.42 Million SHEIN Customers' Data +++ SAP Customer British Airways hacked: Hackers steal financial data in BA website attack +++ The same hacker group who breached Ticketmasters were behind the British Airways attack, using DIGITAL SKIMMING +++

360° SAP® Security And Compliance Monitoring.

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“CISO, we have
full SAP® control!”


…famous last words of a security engineer.

SAP® is your mission critical backbone for the enterprise, it is like a massive starship. Your challenge is to keep it secure, so you can SAFELY DO BUSINESS.

What runs your company is the SAP® system. It’s the core system of your processes, your CRM, FINANCE, R&D, BI, HR, PRODUCTION, PURCHASING and MANAGEMENT.

To get the maximum return out of your ERP, you need to protect your investments. That means that every member of your organization has to do their best to keep the ERP in top condition. Your captains in command (CEO, CFO, CIO, CISO) must ensure that everything is compliant to policies and requirements. Responsible for defending your SAP® systems from outside threats and keeps infiltrators out while your business does what it does best .... operate the systems at maximum effectiveness.

agileSI™ gives you the power to perfectly defend your SAP® systems.

Turning SAP® data into security information

Exactly the right solution for you!

agileSI™ has dashboards custom tailored for executives, cyber defenders, and SAP® specialists, so you always see what is most relevantfor you.


Is your SAP® compliant?

Check out how agileSI™ helps you with compliance.


Is your SAP® running secure?

Enhance your cyber defence with agileSI™!


Systems at warp speed?

With agileSI™ you control the SAP® engine room!


Attacks from the outside!

It is time to boost your SAP® defences. Learn how you can detect and defend your SAP® systems against these attackers. Because SAP® is your backbone engine, and you have to defend it, use agileSI™ as your protection system!

See how to boost your defences

Scan for sneaky infiltrators!

Not all enemies attack from the outside.
Make sure you get your internal surveillance right with agileSI™ and catch the inside threats before they jeopardize your SAP® systems.

Improve your internal surveillances

Secure what drives your business!

SAP® powers your business routines. Without it, you will not go anywhere. So take a look at the engine room and see how agileSI™ helps you to control basically any dataflow or status you wish to in your SAP® landscape.

Control your SAP®

agileSI™ - 360° SAP® Security powered by Splunk


agileSI™ provides a broad set of SAP® extractors, feeding different kind of SAP® data, such as database data, system settings, logs and events from various SAP® security sources into Splunk.

Read more about the SAP®-Splunk integration
get the free whitepaper

Start your journey now!

Get a neutral view on the main challenges of SAP® security in this whitepaper. Find answers to the following questions:

  • Why is SAP® a critical target for cybercriminals?
  • What are the main weak spots in SAP® landscapes?
  • Why is SAP® different from other software concerning security?
  • What solutions are available to improve security?

This is the basic information you need to confirm that SAP® security should be in focus a-sap.

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Data Protection Officer

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