Newsflash: +++ Hackers Stole Over 6.42 Million SHEIN Customers' Data +++ SAP Customer British Airways hacked: Hackers steal financial data in BA website attack +++ The same hacker group who breached Ticketmasters were behind the British Airways attack, using DIGITAL SKIMMING +++

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Is the ERP community risk aware?

By Hendrik Jansen  -  January 14, 2019 published a great article on ERP Cybercrime

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Benefits of SIEM systems

By Hendrik Jansen  -  January 14, 2019

TechTarget wrote a great article on the benefits of SIEM systems.

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My data was compromised, now what?

By Michael Kemmer  -  December 13, 2018

My personal data was compromised, .......   Last week I got a notification from an online company that my personal data was compromised.

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SAP® security @agileSI™ - layered cyber security defenses

By Hendrik Jansen  -  December 11, 2018

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