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GDPR countdown – what you need to know about the changes in data protection laws

By Stefka Stoyanova  -  April 12, 2018

The two years transition period is almost over and after the 25th of May companies in Europe need to comply with the new data regulation. We visited the annual DSAG Developers Days in February and made an unsettling discovery – many companies using SAP® are still not ready and might not achieve GDPR-compliancy by the time of the enforcement.

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agileSI joins SecureLink Security BootCamp R'Dam

By Hendrik Jansen  -  March 16, 2018

Cyber Security is gaining visibility and attention all over the world, in almost every newspaper, article or news-site you can read about D-DOS attacks, vulnerabilities, exploits, ransomware, and crypto jacking. No wonder that the Security BootCamp in Rotterdam attracted more than a 1,000 professionals in the Cyber or IT or OT security domain.

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ABAP™SQL Injection – How to protect your Code right?

By Sükrü Birakoglu  -  January 30, 2018

As mentioned in the blog post "The most important five ABAP™Programming Security Pitfalls", SQL injection is one of the most common code injection attack methods, in which malicious SQL statements are inserted to execute unauthorized SQL statements in the database, e.g., read data or modify data in the database. 

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The most important five ABAP™Programming Security Pitfalls

By Sükrü Birakoglu  -  January 22, 2018

The security of your ABAP™ applications begins in the minds of your developers and testers and is a central topic for IT security. In this blog article, we're discussing the most important ABAP™ programming security pitfalls. The ABAP™ Custom code can have vulnerabilities, allowing the attacker access the critical information in SAP® System and take control of productive SAP Systems. The five most typical ABAP™ Custom Code Vulnerabilities are:

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