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By Hendrik Jansen  -  June 18, 2018

The US Treasury issued an Executive Order to prohibit US organizations from engaging with ERPScan, a subsidiary of Digital Security and provider of security software and services for SAP® systems. According to the press release issued by the Treasury, Digital Security “provided material and technological support to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB)”. ERPScan has denied any link with the FSB in an official statement.

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Concentrated innovation power for your IT security: agileSI™ cooperates with ISSE of the University of Augsburg.

By Philip Schöttl  -  June 7, 2018

The IT security galaxy is a space of continuous change. If you don't think about tomorrow's security, you are already exposed today to numerous external dangers without protection. Strong alliances are needed to continue to secure one's existence.

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LogRhythm: The new shining star in the agileSI™ galaxy.

By Christoph Aschauer  -  May 3, 2018

The agileSI™forces are continuously working to extend the federation for SAP® compliance and security monitoring. A newly found alliance in the galaxy of agileSI™ is now joining forces to protect the SAP® (star) system. agileSI™ has found the integration of SAP® in LogRhythm SIEM.

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GDPR countdown – what you need to know about the changes in data protection laws

By Stefka Stoyanova  -  April 12, 2018

The two years transition period is almost over and after the 25th of May companies in Europe need to comply with the new data regulation. We visited the annual DSAG Developers Days in February and made an unsettling discovery – many companies using SAP® are still not ready and might not achieve GDPR-compliancy by the time of the enforcement.

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