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Insurance companies - be aware

By Hendrik Jansen  - October 17, 2018


Achmea was aware of the hack since August, according to De Stentor on Friday evening. The newspaper has had insight into the leaked files.

The files contained among others names, social security numbers, addresses of roughly 10.000 people. From some of the victims paid insurance amounts were to be seen. In the files information from deceased clients was to be seen as well.


The data was possibly leaked by an Achmea employee of the Apeldoorn office. The insurance company suspects someone "close to the employee" has obtained the data and leaked it. A motive was not given by Achmea.

Achmea did not inform their clients earlier

"The person who obtained the client-data has also sent it to us, and highlighted not to spread it any further", says Achmea spokesperson Fleur Bello to the De Stentor.

"We regret this data-leak has happened. The loss of data is known with us. After the incident was reported to us mid-August, we directly notified the authorities.

The cyber threat landscape is changing

From all the items in the news (and the higher number which do not hit the news) we can conclude that hackers, adversaries, cyber crimmies are getting more and more sophisticated, are increasing in numbers, and are looking more and more for APPLICATION DATA. There is no 100% golden bullet solution. Protecting yourself is necessary, but equally important is the balance between PROTECTION, DETECTION, RESPONDING. Companies are challenged to keep up on all these front. Investing in 1 silo seems not so smart, but WHERE should you as a customer INVEST first and why.

When it comes to SAP systems, the story is not different. Security is a process, not a product. Talk to us if you want to find out more about what you can do, what you should be doing in order to increase your Security levels in and around SAP® Systems.

Picture ©: GettyImages-905866230-ipopba

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